An AI drawing app was asked to draw “the last selfie ever taken,” and its pieces drawn in response are just about exactly what you would expect: grim.


Thanks to Robot Overloards for posting this TikTok, and the resulting nightmare fuel. The reason why we aren’t terribly surprised by these results is because we know (however vaguely) how these AI drawing apps work. These AIs have been trained on massive data sets of internet searches and their image results, which it uses to amalgamate into a new image. So, considering the general pessimism that has permeated popular culture and public opinion over the past several years, these results aren’t terribly surprising. That said, we are a bit surprised by the alien-like beings that appear in some of the pieces, probably informed by widely-held speculations of their arrival sooner rather than later. “Well, I will just continue … not sleeping,” commented one viewer. We definitely feel this one hard. But this next one is where we’re really at: “What about “best day” or something positive?” another commenter said. That’s right! Why can’t something positive about the future trend on TikTok? We’ll be keeping an eye out.