An AI drawing app was recently asked to illustrate “the most beautiful person,” and its results are actually surprisingly interesting. For starters, it turns out that this AI seems to have a type. Can you guess what?


Dark-haired, fair-skinned, large-eyed and extreme in proportion to the point of looking cartoonish, this is apparently what this AI deems to be “beautiful” when asked by TikTok’s Asking AI. However, save for the second picture, there’s something else peculiar about these drawings: they look more alike than anything we’ve seen so far from these AI drawing app requests. But furthermore, they’re also the most complete and accurate that we’ve seen in terms of smudges or missing features. They legitimately look like something an artist would paint. Why is this? It’s difficult to know for sure, but we think it has to do with the perhaps unfortunate consistencies in the collective understandings of what a “beautiful person” looks like around the world: white, female, and impossibly big-eyed. Remember: these AI apps are just using the search and image results data that we the public have generated worldwide to inform their creations. Also, it’s possible that the AI digested the “beautiful” part of the query to mean, quite literally, without imperfection, which is why there are fewer mistakes on part of the AI in its drawing. Oh, and apparently it has a thing for red-heads … just not their faces.