Now that we have the opportunity to ask an artificial intelligence a question and have it draw back the answer, it was only a matter of time before it was asked, “what is the government hiding in Area-51?” Its answers are strangely specific and consistent, however, which is really weird.


The images that this AI produced all seem centered around a few key themes, posted by GerroDesign on TikTok. First, there’s the desert theme, which is somewhat obvious since the AI would quickly associate Area-51 with the Nevada desert where it’s located. However, it’s the second theme that has us a bit freaked out. Every single one of the AI’s produced images feature a window or portal seemingly to another world. Now, chances are that the AI came across the sci-fi universe known as Stargate in its process, which prominently features gateways or portals that look very similar to these. In fact, the imagery is so strikingly similar, this commenter asked, “where’s Kurt Russell?” However, the heavy archaeological dig theme here in the images is deeply interesting as well. We have no way of being completely sure what information this AI used to create these images, but it’s interesting that it’s so consistent and specific in what it produced in a series. Who knows, perhaps we need to focus on the ancient aliens angle after all, thus validating that guy with the crazy hair on History Channel.