macOS – /Users/{username}/.m2/repository Linux – /home/{username}/.m2/repository Windows – c:\Users{username}.m2\repository

Customize Maven Local Repository

The settings.xml is the main configuration file of Maven. It is available for user-level or system-level configurations.

Global level: Is available at ${MAVEN_HOME}/conf/settings.xml is applied for all Maven users on the system that share the same installation. User level: Can be found at ${HOME}/.m2/settings.xml. This is the user-specific configuration and overrides the global configuration.

To customize the local repository, edit settings.xml and change directory location with tag.

The configuration file looks like the below:

Define Maven Local Repository at Command Line

Changes made in settings.xml applied for all commands. We can also specify the local repository as a command line parameter using the maven.repo.local option. which allows us to pass the local repository location as a command-line parameter:


In this tutorial, you have learned about setting the local repository path in Maven. This local repository is used to store project artifacts.

Where is the Maven Local Repository    TecAdmin - 86