Take this gut-splitter of a deepfake that slaps Nick Offerman’s face on every Full House cast member featured in the intro theme. Not only is the technology applied beautifully, just wait until the video gets to the Tanner girls and Uncle Jesse’s wife.


We can’t even handle this TikTok posted by N_L_O — it had us laughing out loud for a good few minutes. And, this is one of the rare TikToks that is actually worth watching on loop, just to squeeze every laugh out of the thing. The TikToker that posted the video simply stated “I’d watch this.” Which, yes, could we please get a pilot episode with a deepfaked Nick Offerman playing every part of the cast? TV has gotten to about this point of saturation and boredom that such a thing is practically necessary to get our attention. “Oh my God, I’d watch that too!” a commenter said, sharing the poster’s enthusiasm. To which someone replied with simply, “Dear god.” Which, you know, we can totally understand that response too. But, you’ll come around in time … you all will. Recommended for you

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