So, if you are like many other TikTok users, you might have one particular question lingering in your mind . . . why aren’t my TikTok videos getting views? You have done everything you can to make sure your videos are getting spotted. But no matter what you do, who you contact, or how you share your video, that big fat zero sits there loud and proud. Not only is this ruining your ability to make wholesome content, but it is delaying your ascent to stardom. So, what is causing your TikTok videos to have zero views? There are a few reasons. In this guide, we will try to break them down so that you can solve the issue and take immediate action. The sooner you solve this issue, the sooner you can pick up some much-needed TikTok visibility and start to build your own superstar personality on the web.

How to Avoid the 0-Views Issue With TikTok

The main way to solve the problem of your video getting zero views comes down to making sure you play by the rules of the platform. To do that most effectively, we recommend that you try and make sure you follow the guidelines. Typically, successful content on TikTok is going to make sure that it can meet all of the below criteria:

The content posted should be original, and it should be developed purely by the host account. The content posted should be ethical and should not include dangerous activities being shown. The content posted must be wholesome in that it must not include any nudity and/or violence. The content posted must be suitable for any viewer on TikTok, meaning it has no graphic content. The content posted should be free from any political commentary and similar statements.

Meet the above, and your video is much more likely to be accepted and then indexed by TikTok. It can take some time to get this right, but if you spend a bit of time looking into this, you can fully understand the process. So, if you are posting TikTok content and it is getting zero views, you simply need to run through the above. If you can tackle all of this, your videos are far more likely to avoid the penalization that could stop them from succeeding. Given the size of the platform, though, you might need to reach out to TikTok support to help with your videos not receiving views. Good luck!

Why Are TikTok Videos Receiving 0 Views?

Here are some common issues you may encounter that could result in your TikTok videos receiving 0 views.

Is the Content Your Own?

The first thing that you need to think about is the TikTok policy on videos. If you upload a video to TikTok that is not your own, the software will know. It will then block the video from being uploaded—therefore, even if you view it yourself 1000 times, it will still show up with 0 views. Therefore, you must make sure that all content being uploaded to TikTok is your own. This is the first hurdle. TikTok forces you to be creative and to build content on your own.

My Video Is Under Review

This is another common reason why you are getting 0 views on TikTok. The platform is very strict about what is allowed; basically, anything political, offensive, or typically sexual in nature will be rejected. This means the video will sit with a big fat 0 in the watch count. You should always look to make sure that any video you intend to post is one that will fit in with the typical algorithms that TikTok allows. You might need to do some reading, then, to find out the content you are posting is going to be suitable enough for TikTok. This is a common issue, as many people run into headaches with trying to get under review content approved. If the content is under review, it cannot receive any views until it has been cleared and approved. Otherwise, you might be asked to edit (or remove) the video. If you get five under review tags on your first five videos, though, your account will have a hard time building up any natural impressions.

The Content Is Mine, Though!

Unfortunately, if you have uploaded content that is your own, and it is not being recognized as such, you have a fight on your hands. Some of the reasons why otherwise original content might be getting marked as unviewable, though, can include:

Your TikTok account is still new, and at the moment your bio is not detailed. You need to fill out your profile, as well as watch and like some videos, before you can be attributed for. You are using a mobile device that has more than one TikTok account associated with it. This can lead to issues with authenticity and thus can hobble your view figures. Your video has glitched out and has not reached the public feed. This might mean you have to contact TikTok themselves to try and find out what is going on with your video. You have uploaded something which is deemed as unsuitable by TikTok T&Cs; unfortunately this can be a pretty vague spectrum and can take some investigation to determine.

TikTok tends to use an algorithmic system that puts you into a certain impression count based on your first five video uploads. If you are not doing well in those first five videos then you will find that TikTok is going to limit your ability to be seen. This is a tough draconian, but it is what it is. If you find that your first five videos are all getting 0 views, you might need to think about starting again.

The Bottom Line

There can be a number of reasons as to why TikTok videos might not be receiving views. The first step is to make sure that the content you are posting is your own, as well as being within the guidelines of what TikTok deems acceptable. If you have followed those steps and are still coming up short, then you need to take a look at your account as a whole. Make sure that it is fully set up and that you are not using multiple devices to try and access the same account—this can lead to issues. Finally, take a look at your first five videos. If they are all coming up short, then you might need to start again from scratch, as TikTok uses an algorithmic system that can limit your views if you are not performing well in those first five videos. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2021 Carlyn Hayes

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