Take this AI’s ideas for what the world will look like in 2,000 years, for instance. There’s a strange consistency between all of this AI’s depictions of the world two millennia into the future.


Did you notice the emphasis on a gigantic tower in almost every image of the distant future that the AI generated for TikToker Artificial Intelligence Art? What in the world is up with that? We honestly haven’t an idea in the slightest other than pure speculation. Perhaps it’s representative of the technological singularity proposed by many futurists and other thinkers. Technology will consolidate into a singular structure from which much of life comes, perhaps is what the images are trying to say. It’s difficult to imagine the human search data that went into this image. We’re particularly intrigued and heartened by the second and last images, namely because of the amount of green they contain, which is usually representative of life. The last one, however, contains a weird reflection of the Earth in which a tower is placed. Perhaps it’s anticipating a merging of worlds. With so many theories coming to such prominence now, particularly the multiverse in all sorts of contemporary science fiction and fantasy, it’s a likely explanation.