Posted by @tech, we see an astonishing clip captured by a passerby that just happened to film the incident in incredible clarity. “That looks scary and cool as hell,” writes commenter @lesserthenever97. “I have the sudden urge to say, ‘Can’t park there mate!’” exclaims @gingegonge." “Survives plane crash then dies when tripped on sidewalk,” quips @noel_abey. Reader @thelordofnostalgia notes, “Any landing you can walk away from is a good one.” User @crypto_bean13 has a question. “Why don’t commercial planes have parachutes?”  Well, to diplomatically avoid the obvious, it’s a bit hard to extrapolate from a small plane like this to think of what it would take to deploy a parachute to save 200 lives in a massive jet. But this video shows one life saved, and that’s pretty impressive in itself. Recommended for you

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