Many users have strong opinions about the capabilities of both operating systems. TikTok user @chmtech, in the below video, demonstrates some simple tasks being performed and compares them. See what you think:


User @fwthebugfatbaby says, “Personally, I don’t know if it’s because I grew up with Windows but Mac seems more complicated to me, to be honest.” “I love the command + option + v on mac. Copy and then think if you want to move or paste,” suggests @nonodinttouchmethere. “This video is a manipulation that deliberately avoids showing more functionality on Mac to make it appear as ‘on par’ with Windows, while Mac is stronger,” writes commenter @kikiwora.official. Viewer of the video @radusim writes, “Cmd + space to open spotlight where you can search reliably for everything. While on Windows you search for something to get something different.” “Oh. Now I’m afraid of switching to Mac,” writes @spam.nevs “Ever heard of screen snip on Windows?” asks @num5u. “There’s a setting to bind it to the print screen key.” Reader @alenmilenkovic95 makes another specific recommendation, writing, “Also, Win + PrtSc will make a screenshot and automatically save it in the Photos folder.” PC Mag puts it like this: “Your choice of OS involves much more than just features, hardware and software support, and capabilities. It involves what the people around you use, your ecosystem (including your smartphone and tablet), your business needs, and your personality.” Recommended for you

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