While some advancements in AI technology bring up terrors first portrayed in science-fiction movies, others are creating some amazing possibilities never before seen or even considered. One of the major upsides with AI is being able to solve problems we can’t decipher ourselves or identify as pressing matters. TikTok user @spiritualdogmom was able to “ask” an AI program a rather personal question and showed the results.  Give the AI some credit because I don’t think it’s easy to look at someone and determine their ethnicity, especially for smaller nations like Bolivia. It’s a landlocked nation in South America that most people probably can’t find on a map. The population of Bolivia is less than 12 million, while about 100,000 people in the United States can claim Bolivian descent.  Commenters to this video are blown away by the abilities of this AI facial recognition software. “It guessed my half greek and half italian, im shook, but tbf it’s all in my nose,” replied Zoe tots, conveying something likely true for a predominant number of women of Mediterranean ethnicities. sorty spicy latina felt seen, “I’m Bolivian too!! Ahhh it’s nice seeing others.” “never knew I’d find Boliviatok but I guess today’s the day,” mentioned RodriGo.