While there are plenty of suggestions for cell phone care provided by carriers, manufacturers, and experts online, there should be some unspoken rules of thumb, like not handing your phone to a complete stranger under most conditions. That seems to follow the lines of basic common sense, especially in the age of elaborate hacking and espionage. However, when presented with this opportunity, TikTok user @caasiisaac0 provided a unique “consequence” when asked to watch a stranger’s phone.  Commenters offered some candid insights on this video. Cam Streeter admitted, “Haha I did this for 8 years travelling the world. The best way to meet girls. ‘Oh, thanks for looking after my phone, where are you from?’” “Well today I learned you can take photos on a locked phone,” replied AndrewCo. Kev Eagle662 suggested, “Let’s hope he doesn’t have a missus, but if he doesn’t, would be good viewing for sure.” I had a co-worker take about 20 selfies on my phone one day at work years ago. She was a good friend, so I didn’t care but I was always curious how she did so while my phone was locked. While not exactly the smartest move, credit for being slick and subversive.