According to TikTok creator @charlottechaze, SQL is the easiest programming language used to extract data from a database. In a recent video she [explained how you can get started]. Charlotte demonstrated on a free platform called SQLiteStudio. She explained that extracting data from a platform like Excel can take forever because there can be hundreds of rows for you to analyze. But if you’re familiar with SQL, you’ll be able to identify and manipulate the specific data you need quickly and easily. That’s pretty cool! “I taught myself years ago with four babies at home and also HTML. These kids are now in their mid-30s. It is not hard,” TikTok user @crisstyd1957 wrote in the comments section of this video. “Love the simple explanation with examples!” @jking87lol said. This is definitely a great skill to learn if you have the time and the energy. It’ll look great on your resume and can help you make a major career shift/ If you’re interested in learning more, Charlotte has a free course that can take you through the basics. Happy programming!