With these positions in high demand, competition has grown intense among applicants. Many candidates go for the same role and must stand out in crowded fields with often similar experiences to others applying for the opening. TikTok user @dvfresne showed how she prepared and nailed an interview for her current role.  Commenters on this video had some questions but were appreciative of the insight provided. “This is literally the best most helpful TikTok I’ve come across. So detailed and willing to help. Thank you Queen,” replied Baeusoarrogant. dom.nicc asked, “Can you talk a little more about researching your interviewer and the questions you asked?” “What jobs would you recommend for someone just trying to get into the tech field without any ’experience?’” inquired PJ. Regardless of what field you pursue, these are all great suggestions for resume building and interviews. Recruiting firms often tell clients to tailor their resume to the job opening (which might happen more if companies didn’t ghost applicants). The STAR technique is a common format for answering interview questions and provides applicants the most time to explain specifically what they do, which does a lot to help hiring managers.