One of the best platforms for digital organization is Notion. TikTok creator Tessa Barclay (@tess.barclay) posted a video explaining how you can get started. If you want to get your life together in 2023, you need to watch this. As Barclay explained, Notion is a digital planning platform and workspace that is free to use and has a lot of great customizable features. Once you create an account, you are free to use it as you please. To make it less overwhelming, Notion offers a slew of free templates you can choose from to get started. There are also a ton of free templates all over the internet created by lovely people who want to help others organize their lives. You can also import photos, videos and widgets to make your page your own. Once you’re all set up, you can create tables, checklists, habit trackers and more. It’s the perfect productivity tool. Viewers voiced their agreement and shared show much they love Notion. “Literally a digital bullet journal,” @casm42 said. “Someone said it’s like productive-tumblr and I can’t un-see it,” @helianamariaa agreed. If you want to start off strong in 2023, give Notion a try!