Is this similar to your experience? Watch the satirical video and compare.


“Waking up one minute before standup is the move,” says commenter @snackerstacks. “1000% accurate!” writes “You did your makeup the night before so it’s good to go for standup. Why didn’t I think of that?” “This is very accurate,” says video viewer @abdulamite. “My only note is that I just pray no one notices I’ve been wearing the same graphic tee for the last 3 days.” User @cody_codes_in_chicago adds a note: “You didn’t mention scrolling TikTok any time before noon. I think you might have bent the truth a little bit.” “I miss free food at the office so much,” says @dandiestcat. “Also, that 3 p.m. slump hits hard. That’s basically my EOD, LOL.” “LOL, the computer in bed is so real,” laughs @kelseyscreative. Reader @fullautoace mentions her dream. “This is the life I look forward to,” she comments. Recommended for you

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