With more companies coming back to some version of in-office scheduling, the debate continues as to whether employees should still be allowed to continue remote work. Part of this conversation stems around the fixed cost of retaining offices (and whether the employed have any obligation to adhere to these leases), while others claim oversight is needed to ensure productivity. TikTok user @kbinluxury shows that for some workers, that oversight may not be necessary.  Commenters had some mixed reactions to this video. “I’m about to have my own call center,” reported Nursedfw. Plsplsstopit claimed, “Did this last year, the amount of back taxes I had to pay was insane, I had to dial it back.” Anita Mae Aguilar cheered, “Lmaooooo I’m hollering the dance!!!! And the messages yes girl get it.” You will never hear me complain about going out there and hustling to pursue their dreams and make that money. I have been fortunate enough to find opportunities to work multiple jobs when needed and yes, it is a pain come tax time. Hopefully more people can find stability with career choices because five jobs sound like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much work.