What’s a good way to figure out how much people make in your field if you can’t ask a friend or colleague? There are many websites offering salary or wage comparisons, along with many providing insights on blogs or social media. Tiktok user @bbybeets was kind enough to share her salary journal while working in communications in the UK. First of all, this takes tremendous courage and compassion for others to share such personal information to complete strangers on such a massive platform. Lower salary would be expected, as Leeds is a smaller city in England, with population just over that of Kansas City, Missouri. However, even with the stronger pound the UK had before this year, those salaries seem a lot lower than what similar positions offer in the United States.  While the poster drew some heat for not disclosing her current salary (which might not be smart for someone working at Tiktok), many were appreciative. Olivia Sanders posted, “I actually thought this was very helpful and interesting!!! Not many people actually list how much they earn and it’s refreshing to see.” “You actually motivated me a lot to stop thinking and start working ..thank you,” wrote PREET. Jojo replied, “Love this - really highlights the hard work required to get more senior jobs + how to have a certain lifestyle through multiple incomes.”