While these jobs are still very lucrative and in high demand, these workers are not immune to concerns over security and the future. As if the rigors of these positions are not enough, trying to prepare for the unforeseen takes up precious mental bandwidth. TikTok user @yvonne.ux illustrated how these various problems can clutter a workday.  Folks in industries that are more inclined to job flux can relate with these constant second-guessing about what to do while working a job. This video also reaches a different level of concern with workers who require sponsorship and visas to maintain residency in the United States. Expect those opportunities to disappear quickly if the industry shrinks - and will likely take longer to return, if they do.  Commenters shared the nagging fears in this video. “Every day in tech feels like that Ralph meme like: ‘haha, I’m in danger!’” claimed thelittlecrocodile. ramdelstudio assured, “This is exactly my situation right now. It’s gonna be fine don’t worry much.” “Most companies are not cutting tech talent, they are cutting bloat. Meta is the big exception but they’re falling apart,” insisted Swindy.