If you find yourself in this situation often, despair no more! Photographer and TikTok creator Christine Buzan (@lookgoodinphotos) has a whole page dedicated to teaching viewers how they can appear more photogenic in pictures. One method only requires you to reposition your head. Buzan said the most common reason why folks don’t like how they look in photos is the positioning of their heads. She said the fix for this is to push your forehead toward the camera lens. It may feel awkward, but it’ll make a huge difference in how your photos will turn out. “My face is awkward in 99% of pics unless I’m smiling I need this so bad,” fellow TikTok creator @oliviamancuso__ said. “So when the camera pops out, think ’turtle’ 🐢,” @janie_scorpio suggested. “Did a photoshoot last year and the photographer told me to do this and it changed my life forever. Feels awkward/weird but looks great on camera,” @smileyjazi shared. Excuse me while I act like a turtle in front of my phone camera for the next thirty minutes. If taking nice photos doesn’t come easy to you, give this hack a try!