While some innovations may be years away from coming to market, due to lengthy development or some stringent non-compete clauses, we are starting to see glimpses of new capabilities. Some of these new opportunities are quite stunning. TikTok user @alliekmiller gave us a sneak preview of what’s being done with imaging and AI and it is pretty mind blowing. Commenters are excited to see these new possibilities displayed. “Reminds me of Unreal Engines Megascans, which has something like this coming out so the public can contribute to their massive Quxel Bridge library,” noted GreedyDucks. BGJ asked, “I was an early investor in AI in the 80s. What do you want to do next?” “You can also do this with moving animation, it’s amazing, but takes a very long time,” remarked NonPerson.  This could be a major upgrade for those in a variety of creative services fields, from interior design to video production. As with most technologies, it will be very interesting how this is integrated into existing or helps develop new techniques for different applications.