With the high demand for travel, that means limited availability for flights, hotels, and rental cars, which also means higher prices for all these. There are some standard industry tips, like trying to book on Tuesdays or flying out or back on the first flight offered to save money. TikTok user @travelingwithcva has an innovative suggestion for consumers when looking for travel deals.  Commenters were appreciative of this suggestion. “Yesss! I learned this the hard way. They will increase those prices!!” replied alprkns1. Pondbear noted, “Yes the prices keep going up the more you search, thank you for that! That makes total sense, it happens a lot.” “I had no idea this was a thing!! Lol Thank You!” VtCountrygirl responded. I usually search and book through third party sites and apps, so this is a new travel hack to me. We have seen more companies use “dynamic pricing” that uses demand to help establish what consumers pay so this seems a clever workaround. Might be worth a try when booking travel for the holidays and next year.