I received the software for free since I requested it for review. I have been using the software for several weeks to write both stories and my articles. So how does it work and is it good? I shall discuss it in this article.

The Software Is Easy to Use

Scrivener is very easy to use if you have experience with word processing programs. What makes Scrivener unique is that you can easily rearrange and edit your documents. You can also export your files to many formats and you just choose what you want after you click the compile button. I enjoy using the program to write because it makes writing long articles and stories less overwhelming. When I can easily rearrange scenes in a story, it makes it much easier to keep track of what’s going on. I also enjoy the character template that the program has, but I’ll talk about the different features for both writing articles and writing stories. For my article writing, I find it’s very easy to keep my reviews organized and it’s easier for me to be able to write without thinking about how long my article is.

Features I Love for Writing Stories

I love the character and setting templates. It’s very hard for me to be very creative when it comes to making up my own stories, but the character and setting templates make it much easier for me to come up with ideas for my stories. The character template is very detailed and you can create your fictional characters from scratch and keep track of their traits and personalities. It’s also a great way to keep track of multiple characters in your story since you can duplicate the character template and customize them individually. The settings template also helps me come up with ideas for the setting of my stories. It’s an easy and efficient way to be able to create new locations and places in your story when there’s a user-friendly template built into the software. The settings template can also be duplicated like the character template so you can create templates for all the locations in your story.

Set Writing Goals for Yourself

There is a feature in Scrivener that lets you set writing goals for yourself. You can set it to any number of words that you want and a goal for yourself every writing session. You can keep track of your writing goals and it helps you see how much progress you’ve made writing your story. It’s a very nice way to stay motivated while you’re writing your novel or non-fiction writing.

Keep All Your Story Drafts in One Place

If you’re creating a published novel and you revise it you can have more than one draft in your Scrivener project. It’s also a very convenient way to keep track of all the changes you made for each draft of your story. It’s a very convenient way to keep track of story changes if you like something from a previous draft and you want to take different parts from other drafts while working on your current story draft.

Scrivener Has the Novel Format Set Up for You

I like that Scrivener has templates for both novel writing and non-fiction writing. If you’re writing a paper, the software has the templates for many non-fiction writing. It’s a very easy way to write papers or articles in the correct format you want. I use the general non-fiction template to write articles and it’s very convenient. Scrivener has templates for Essay (Chicago Style), General Non-Fiction, General Non-Fiction (LaTeX), Paper (APA), Paper (MLA), Research Proposal, and Undergraduate Humanities Essay. If you do a lot of writing, you will use these for your convenience so you don’t have to think about proper formatting for what you are writing.

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Scrivener Is Pricey

Scrivener is a fantastic writing software that will satisfy most writers’ needs. I love using this software and it’s helped me write more because it’s easy for me to use and not be overwhelmed trying to write a long article or a movie review. I love the software because it’s easy to use and easy to edit and write articles or stories using it. It’s also easy to export your writing to the format of your choice and I use Scrivener to write my articles and edit them in Microsoft Word. Scrivener is an expensive software but it’s worth the price if you’re a writer and you’re going to be writing a lot. I’ve written a few articles with this software and it’s made my writing much easier and it has made me a more productive writer.

The Software Has a Limited Number of Updates

Scrivener has a limited number of updates before they release a new version so if you don’t like that they limit the updates, then this software is not for you.

Quick Summary

My Grade: A+

Scrivener is an amazing writing and world-building software program. I’ve been using it to do all my writing, whether it’s my stories or my articles, Scrivener helps me stay focused and motivated to continue writing. I love using the software and it helps me get my articles out quicker and ease of use for writing and features that make creating stories easy and I’m able to make up characters using Scrivener. Scrivener has been great for my article writing as well, I’ve published articles that have done very well and Scrivener has helped me write more. I think it’s worth both your time and your money. You can try the demo free for 30 days and then if you like it you can buy it. It’s a fantastic product and if I hadn’t been given this review copy I would have saved up money and purchased it for myself. I highly recommend it. At least try the demo of Scrivener to see if it fits your needs and then you can decide if you want to pay for it. I love using Scrivener and I’ll keep using it to write my reviews and stories. It is worth your money to pay for it, but there are plenty of free alternatives. Scrivener is worth the money because you’ll use it a lot if you’re a writer. Website: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/ Disclosure: I received a digital copy of Scrivener for review.

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