They hook you with the idea that you can earn money just by investing a little time, internet connection and you don’t need any experience. Sounds very attractive, doesn’t it? The reality is that it is very difficult to get easy money and even more so if the tasks are so simple. There are many pages that offer income for watching advertising, downloading games, answering surveys, among others. However, the pay is very little in relation to what the site I will tell you about below offers.

What Is Xxlmoney?

Xxlmoney is one of the domains of a site that offers you a lot of money on the Internet just by watching advertisements. Is it possible to make money on Xxlmoney? Before answering this question, let me tell you about my experience. A few days ago, a person sent me an invitation link to this website “”. I googled it but did not get much information about it. Something I found strange is that it changes domains constantly. My domain appears like I didn’t pay much attention to it. However, I wanted to test the site and registered. Below is a description of what I found.

Testing the Site

On their home page, they briefly describe how the site works with attractive sentences. They offer you to get 21 cents for ad unit display and that in a few hours you can get between 50$ to 300$. I did the test and in less than two hours, I was able to reach $200 (the minimum amount to collect). I did this by entering a series of characters that appear in an image. Still not trusting, I wanted to test if they were really paying and…. After reaching or exceeding the minimum amount of $200, they ask you to attract 40 referrals. A total scam and waste of time.

Collecting the Money

The image you just saw is a screenshot of the message I got after trying to collect my money. As you can see, they require you to get at least 40 referrals with your link to get your money. I really didn’t want to keep wasting my time creating more email accounts, so I preferred to google a bit more about this and then I found a video where another person tested a similar site and shows what follows after getting the 40 referrals. And yes, more obstacles to reach your goal. Apparently, they tell you that your account is not verified so you have to wait an estimated 30 to 60 days for them to approve your account and proceed with payment. Or they give you the “quick verification” option where they take you to another site and you have to pay a bitcoin bill….Yes, they blatantly ask you to deposit an amount into a very suspicious account. Would you be willing to pay an unknown site to collect money that you’re not sure is real? I’m guessing your answer is no. At least I wouldn’t.

Conclusions About Xxlmoney

From the beginning it seemed too nice to be true, but I am one of those people who like to test the pages to draw my own conclusions. While it is true, there are very large companies that pay large sums of money for advertising. But if we compare the payment that this site offers with others, we will notice that it is very high. This is a sign that it could be a fraud. The second thing I noticed strange is that the domain changed when I clicked on my referral link. After creating the account and realizing that it was totally fake, I decided to unsubscribe from the site. Unfortunately, it is not possible. They don’t give you options to edit your profile or delete it. On the other hand, they have a “Support” section where some users claim to have withdrawn between $2500 and $3000 and that they have doubts if they have to pay taxes, for example. With this, it’s evident that they intend to make you believe that you will be able to withdraw high amounts of money, which is a lie.

In Short

This site changes domain constantly, does not allow you to modify your personal data and you don’t receive emails notifying your registration. Something very unusual, isn’t it? Once you have reached the minimum amount to get paid ($200) they require you to have 40 referrals. After this, you will find more obstacles, more scams and the most unfortunate thing is that you will never receive your money. I don’t recommend this site at all.


Always be wary: Investigate the pages before providing your personal data such as email, phone numbers or addresses. And never, never follow links from unknown people.

PS: I used a fake email account just to test the site. I hope this was helpful. Regards. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. © 2022 Samitesa

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