The buds have Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a 10m (33ft) range, mono & stereo modes for single/dual earbud listening, and built-in CVC 8.0 dual mics for clear calling. The fashionable black earbuds come with three ergonomically designed ear tips for ultimate comfort. The tips provide a proper seal from ambient noise so that you can focus on whatever you’re listening to. Out of all the wireless headphones I’ve tested, these feel like the most secure in-ear buds; they’re also quite comfortable to wear, though not to the extent of my Galaxy Buds. Furthermore, their charging case is highly functional with a transparent cover and an LCD screen that shows you the battery percentage. I only wish it were smaller and used a USB-C vs. Micro USB input.

What about sound quality?

The headphones sound pretty good overall, though they’ll lack the deep bass and premium quality found in much more expensive products, but for <$40 they don’t sound bad at all. Just try to keep the noise at moderate levels as going too high will slightly distort the audio. In addition, these headphones don’t have active noise canceling but the ear tips do a good job filtering out unwanted sounds.

How about pairing?

Pairing these buds to my phone was incredibly easy and took far less time than other wireless earbuds I’ve tried. You simply take them out of the case, press and hold each bud, wait for them to turn on & enter pairing mode, look up “A66” in your phone’s Bluetooth settings, and tap to pair. Note: When asked for permission to pair, just hit “OK.” You’ll only have to perform this setup once as your phone will auto-pair next time you take the headphones out of the case. If you’re having trouble pairing, then put the earbuds back in the charging case and try again. Use the guide if you’re having problems. I feel these are great headphones to get if you’re on a budget, and they contain features that can compete with high-end devices. There are definitely downsides that I’ll describe below, but to me the pros outweigh the cons by a good margin.

Yochos Product Information

How Yochos Bluetooth Headphones Compare With Other Brands

Wireless headphones have to sound good, allow for smooth calling, be ergonomic, be responsive and functional, and last a long time. Other things to look for is whether they’re sweat/waterproof, if they have a charging or wireless charging case, if they contain tap or click controls, whether they have active noise cancellation (ANC) and/or voice assistant support, and if they look good. If I had to grade the Yochos headphones for each category vs. other true wireless headphones (budget & premium), this is what I would give them:

Ergonomics (comfort, secure fit, tap vs click controls): B+

Sound Quality (bass, treble & loudness/crisp audio): C+

Aesthetics (design, color/size, logo): B

Charging Case (input, shape/size, playtime, wireless charging): B

Noise Cancellation (passive/active, AI/smart noise reduction): B-

Call Quality (built-in CVC mic, smooth calls/no distortion, interference): B

Features (sweat/waterproof, BT 5.0, wireless charging, voice control/translation, stereo/mono mode): B+

Price: A

Final grade: B The best things these earbuds have going for it are the low price point and its ergonomics. They don’t feel like they’re going to fall out even during rigorous exercise, they are comfortable to wear for long periods, and the bud’s click controls for music playback & calling/voice are very responsive. My only con is that I don’t like having to click three times to increase/decrease the volume. If you’re going to include volume controls, they should be much easier to program. Every other category I’ve listed like aesthetics, the case, features, etc. are above average but not excellent. I have minor cons for each including the case being too big, the playback time not being long enough, no USB-C port or wireless charging, and no active noise cancellation. And though I like the look of the buds, I do think they’re a tad too bulky.

How to Improve the Yochos True Wireless Earbuds

If I had a say, I’d tell the Yochos team to focus on sound quality by introducing more bass/trebles & less distortion when the volume gets turned up. More so they should introduce a smaller USB-C charging case that can be charged wirelessly as well as slightly shrink the size of the earbuds. I would offer ANC variants and possibly ones with tap controls though I’m okay with the click settings. Everything else could stay as is; I hope they keep the transparent case with the LCD display and I hope they don’t change the color on either the buds or case. And if they want to fine tune everything from call quality to noise cancellation to the case/buds appearance then that’s perfectly okay too. Just please do your best to keep the price under $50 as that’s a major selling point (literally) about this product.

Yochos Wireless Earbuds: Final Review

I’m wearing the Yochos true wireless earbuds while typing this review, which is a good sign that I like these little buggers. I will give the Yochos Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds 4.7 out of 5 stars. I wasn’t expecting to like these headphones so much but they got a few things right that other brands didn’t. They fit well, the don’t sound bad, the charging case is fun & functional, and they have enough features/pros to get me invested. The cons are certainly there too and I’ve said plenty regarding that but we’re talking about $30 to $40 wireless earbuds. There’s zero chance budget headphones would’ve been this good a couple years ago. You’re getting so much bang for your buck if you choose these over $300+ headphones, and there’s no way I can justify paying hundreds more for slightly better audio quality and added bonus features. In my opinion I don’t think the average consumer will even notice the quality differences; most will just want something to use while they work out or relax. With that being said I would highly recommend the surprisingly pleasant Yochos True Wireless Headphones because they’re affordable, comfortable, highly responsive, come with a fantastic charging case and most importantly, they’ll satisfy your listening needs.

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