If you use a Windows PC or laptop, you probably click on that little line icon on every open app in order to minimize it, so as to focus on one task. It’s an annoying process that hasn’t had a simple solution on Windows for a while … until now.


That’s all you need to do: just click and hold the navigation bar of the one app you want to focus on, shake it around the screen a bit, and every other open app will automatically minimize. If you want to bring all of those apps back, just shake it again. Big thanks to the TikToker known simply as Jess for sharing this awesome tip. “Totally trying this at work tomorrow,” one viewer commented, which was echoed by many. “NO WAY!” another excited commenter said. “I just tried it, and it WORKS!” And finally, one of our favorite sayings to share gets a representation here with, “OMG I was today years old when I learned this.” However, another user suggested an alternative means of doing the same thing as this TikToker’s 8-year-old. ‘Click bottom right corner — does the same,” the commenter said. That method isn’t quite as intuitive, however, and could lead to misclicks, so shake those windows away.