In this TikTok video, @kylekruegerr shows us how it’s done. If you want to do it yourself, you first need some clear plastic such as a container from a grocery deli or an clear plastic from an art store that is thin but sturdy enough to hold itself together when a pyramid-like shape is taped together with other pieces of the clear plastic. First, you make what essentially is a pyramid with the very top cut off so a small square opening is present at the top. The individual pieces should be one centimeter wide at the top, 6 centimeters wide at the bottom and 3.5 centimeters tall from top to bottom. Once the plastic object is created or purchased, it can be placed upside down on a phone that is open to full screen mode on a YouTube hologram projection video. We recommend the following YouTube videos to get started. IMAGO

Hologram Project by Kiste 

Smartphone Hologram Projector 

Hologram video 3D 

More of these hologram projection videos can be found with a simple YouTube search.

You Can Use Any Phone To Project Holograms And It s Simple And Cool - 43