That’s exactly what you’re about to see here. Posted by a Malaysian maker of custom gaming PC builds, you will not believe what this ‘90s PC case is holding inside. Hint: it’s incredibly awesome albeit completely impractical.


Just like sleeper cars that look derelict on the outside but completely up-to-date on the inside, this is a sleeper PC. The stealth approach to PC gaming is a super cool idea, but this was just a joke build by the custom PC builder on TikTok. Why? Because this amount of power inside such a small PC case is a downright fire hazard. There is not enough room inside this case to house the amount of cooling necessary, nor was the case built with enough ventilation to disperse the needed amount of heat to avoid overheating or catching fire. We love the idea of smaller gaming PCs — we’ve even built and owned them for years. However, there’s a big difference between compact gaming PCs and general use tower desktops, so do not try this at home. The commenters clearly agree, with a multiple of responses sounding a lot like, “It’s gonna’ have the sound of a jet and the heat of the sun,” as one commenter put it.